The Charleston Bridal Show Shares… Do the Rules of Etiquette still apply in today’s world? And… How to insure my Wedding goes smoothly.


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Basically the answer for the first question is YES they do. Or at least we can hope they do in some form. After all, isn’t etiquette just good manners with a sparkle?

So first things first. You’ve gotten engaged! Now what’s next? Below is a short list of what to do right after that ring goes on your finger.

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1. Call or visit your parents, followed by his/hers, your grandparents, siblings and then friends. While this may seem a bit rigid and your first inclination is to call your best friend, but your family does not want to hear about your engagement through the grapevine.

2. Make introductions if the family is not already familiar with each other. An Engagement Party is a great way to do this. If you are wondering where to start, The Charleston Bridal Show offers many options for venues, catering, music, flowers and much more. Extravagant and Casual options abound. From caviar to BBQ, you can plan many occasions that surround your wedding as well as gain some fabulous ideas on exactly what wedding festivities you would like. The Charleston Bridal Show has all of your vendors under one roof.

3. Create your budget. Yes, we know no one ever sticks to an exact budget, but you can stay close. VERY close. If you go over on one thing, decide what to go less on someplace else. Also, decide what’s the most important aspect that you absolutely have to have in order of importance.

4. Choose your wedding/reception location. Many venues in Charleston book a year to 2 years in advance, so be prompt. There are also new venues that appear every year, so don’t despair. The Charleston Bridal Show is a great place to what these new venues have to offer.

A bride looks out the window as she ponders her future5. Set your date and time. Now it seems you would do this before choosing your location, but sometimes you do have to be flexible. If your chosen venue isn’t available for the day you choose, maybe choosing a week or month later will work just as well. Also, lots of weddings are now taking place on Fridays and Sundays instead of the typical Saturday. Flexibility is key and sometimes even less expensive to bypass a Saturday.

6. Choose your wedding attendants…carefully. This one can be a sticky wicket! Especially if you have been in a dozen weddings yourself. Don’t feel the obligation to ask everyone in that category, nor do you need to ask every cousin in the family and that of your fiancé”. Ask those near and dear to you and those you have always pictured being there beside you on your special day.

And how do you insure your wedding goes smoothly? Some other VERY important tips to know.

  • Know your vendor’s names. It will go a long way in making your planning experience pleasant.
  • Remember telephone etiquette. Don’t ask about costs in your very first sentence. Introduce yourself. Ask about their day. Then you can begin to ask about certain services and how they are charged.
  • Please adhere to contract terms. Don’t try to change things in mid planning.
  • Please show up to your appointments on time. If you are late in may shorten your appointment time in order for your vendor to keep on schedule. As much as you would like to think you are their ONLY bride, you’re more than likely not.
  • Return phone call and emails in a timely manner. Usually within 24 hours is acceptable.
  • Give a list of all of your wedding vendors to each other. It helps vendors to know who they are working with concerning your wedding.
  • Vendors typically work normal business hours. Please don’t call them into late hours of the night. Respect is key to having a pleasant experience with your vendors.
  • Keep the vision for your wedding clear, but actively listen to the professionals suggestions. They have seen it all for the most part and can help you maneuver and obstacles that could be hazardous.

And lastly…a Wedding Planner can be a life saver or a nightmare! Ask around, get recommendations, read reviews. When you need inspiration, by ALL MEANS, attend The Charleston Bridal Show. Held twice yearly in January and July. Inspirations abounds at these events. It’s 2 of Charleston largest Wedding Events of the year!

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