Bridal Trends of 2024: “I Do” list for Wedding Festivities


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If you’re recently engaged or just beginning to muck through the tasks list for your wedding day, congratulations! Your wedding is the time where you get to shine and make decisions that work for you as a couple. With that in mind, you’re sure to get unsolicited opinions and feedback from those around you who have the best intentions. If you’re wondering whether their opinion is valid, you may want to consult the top 10 bridal trends of 2024 listed below:

Personalized Cakes and over-the-top Cake Toppers: Gone are the days of traditional wedding toppers that don’t reflect on the prospective Mr. and Mrs. Brides are now opting for cakes and toppers that are bigger and better than anything we have seen in the past. Etsy provides an array of personalized options for any and every cake, so don’t be afraid to make it personal and meaningful to you and your significant other.

Color and Patterns: Sticking to a solid color palette can be traditional but new trends are showing that colors and patterns are in. From floral concepts to patterned textiles, these non-traditional choices can bring new life and magic into your day of festivities. Brides are now also opting for more color in bridesmaids and wedding party attire. Bright colors are no longer off-limits and who can say that they don’t love a good Barbie pink?

Intimate Ceremonies (and Big Receptions): More people are opting to keep the ceremony private and limited to a few close friends and family members. This takes the pressure off the couple and allows for a more intimate setting. This is not to discredit the celebration that happens afterwards with extended family and friends. The reception is the party, and we can’t leave that tradition behind!

Longer Veils: We saw a decrease in popularity of long, flowing veils but it is making a comeback (much like some other fashion trends). With a nod to the Grace Kelly era of fashion, designers are beginning to move towards the classics. Longer veils bring an air of elegance and beauty to the bride. Whether it is Bridgerton-inspired or just fashion cycling back around, we’re here for it.

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Charcuterie for All: Grazing boards and a charcuterie spread are here to stay. A popular cocktail hour food, these allow guests to nibble and snack without filling up before dinner. These nifty boards are easy to refill, don’t cause long lines and can be set up in multiple places with ease. With the variety of options available, this can be an aesthetically-pleasing way to keep the crowd appeased while you snap your photos.

Invitation-Only After Parties: Who doesn’t love the idea of a speakeasy type after party? This allows the couple to mingle with their closest friends while allotting time for them to dance and relish in their love bubble. Ideas include giving out a secret password, meeting up at a unique entrance bar or club or serving up a specialty cocktail in a private room at a favorite Lowcountry haunt. Whatever you decide, it will be the talk of the town and you will have memories (and photos) that will last a lifetime.

Statement Aisles: This can be tricky depending on your venue and placement of guests during the ceremony, but it is a crowd pleaser. Adding a gentle curve or “S” shape to an aisle keeps the mystery alive and gives ample opportunity for your wedding party (and you) to strut their beauty in a unique and original way. Extending the aisle is another option that may add a touch of elegance to further enhance an unforgettable day.

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Unique Wedding Gown Bodices: Designers are starting to make a statement with the bodices that they are creating for today’s bride. Oversized floral bodices seem to be the trend in place of traditional, streamlined designs. These creations are gorgeous and bring a unique look to an already beautiful bride.

Tech-Savvy Touches: It’s no surprise that we are moving towards more tech-savvy weddings in our constantly evolving technology-focused world. During the pandemic, couples had to get creative with how they hosted and planned their nuptials. Having streaming options for guests who are unable to attend in person as well as digital invitations in lieu of mailed invitations are on trend for 2024. Some brides are opting to have a shared folder where guests can upload or drop memories from the night for the bride and groom to keep. QR codes are giving some couples the ability to view pre-made welcome videos from the bride and groom prior to the ceremony. With all the digital options out there, the possibilities are endless.

Non-traditional venues: Engaged couples this year may be looking outside of the normal venue list for a place to hold their wedding. Gone are the days in which every wedding is held in a church. The trend for 2024 is for couples to host their wedding in places that bear significance to them as a couple. This doesn’t always involve a destination wedding, but it could mean that unorthodox settings like aquariums, state parks, mountaintops, breweries and art galleries aren’t out of the question. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when searching for the perfect venue.

Whether you decide to stick with the trends or follow your heart, make sure that your wedding day is your dream come true. The top 10 wedding trends of 2024 may have sparked some ideas or offered some insight but ultimately, this day is carefully curated and tailored to match your unique preferences. Remember to embrace the process, trust those you love and go with your gut when preparing for your big day. We hope you’ll be saying “I do” with ease to all your decisions. Happy planning!


By Cari Lawson

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